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Mumea Stomp Board
  • Mumea Stomp Board

    Mumea Stomp Board



    - 1/2" thickness

    - Transducer Mic with strong adhesive backing tape and volume wheel

    - foam padded sections on bottom to get board off the ground and to help keep it in place

    - chair leg cutouts to keep board from moving around (19.25" outside width / 16.25" inside width - designed to be used with 50/60's style foldable chair - see photos)

    - mic stand cut out



    A simple and effective tool/instrument that is both a great learning tool, as well as an instrument that can be added to your solo and duo shows that do not call for drums. Equipped with a transducer mic, the board can be plugged into an amp or PA, so you can get the volume you need, while maintaining the natural sound qualities of keeping time with your feet on the floor. The tone can be adjusted on the amp/PA for a desired sound, as well as where you place your feet on the board/proximity to mic. A variety of sounds and tones can be achieved with the set up. The Mumea Stomp Board is very simple to set up, easy to use, and a very effective tool.


    Set up and Demo:


    Due to the size and weight of this item, this item will ONLY SHIP WITHIN U.S.


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